Hi I’m Seema Ponda Alexander,

and I love business (period). You could say it runs through my veins.

My parents were immigrants from India, who came to the U.S. with nothing….literally and with hard work and a lot of sweat equity they were able to build a small empire with a grocery store, a travel agency, and the first vegetarian restaurant in Washington DC. My mom was the main chef/manager of the restaurant and my dad ran the travel agency. I started my career at 12--working caterings, managing staff, making food, and being the cashier. I learned very early on what “rolling up your sleeves” means. My story has a lot of twists and turns, so I thought it may be fun to share it with you in numbers.


My Life in Numbers So Far

Started working at 12.

1995...the year I graduated from high school, family life and business hit a serious rough patch--we lost our family business after 20 years to bankruptcy and my parents’ marriage ended after 24.

In 1999...graduated from University of Maryland after studying all things business with a focus on marketing and finance.

Moved to NYC in 2001, 3 months before September 11. #nowords

Lost my dad 4 months later. (Let’s just say it was one of the most intense years of my life).

Ran away from entrepreneurship to gain some much needed stability and became
a brand / marketing / business development strategist at a Fortune 500 Company for 13+ years
(even though entrepreneurship was embedded in my DNA).

Became a wife to my 1 and only soulmate, Kishan Alexander.

Completed my MBA (focus in Marketing) in 2 ½ years while working full-time from Fordham

Became a mom to 2 amazing girls, in the span of 5 years, my loves Sareena and Raina.

Built large-scale marketing campaigns and strategies for billion-dollar businesses.

Worked on an award-winning, world-class company rebrand in Financial Services history.

Started a side hustle consulting practice serving small businesses for over 7 years, while continuing
to climb the corporate ladder.

Was named one of the top 20 rising stars in financial services marketing (JFAM) in 2013.

Was humbled to ring the Nasdaq closing bell for the honor I received.

Singularly focused on becoming a Chief Marketing Officer of a large company my entire professional career...

Until I wasn't. In 2012, I got an illness that nearly took my life and almost died 2xs in 1 week.


Everyone has theirs, THAT was my wake up call.

I was leading this so-called successful life from the outside but inside I felt trapped. Ironically, the further and more accomplished I got, the more stuck I felt.

I was the breadwinner--how was I going to give up the money, the perks, the benefits, while having some real obligations?

I realized that cliche about life being too short, was true...and I had better start to design the life that I wanted to live---or what was the point?

So I left my secure corporate job, while I was pregnant with my second child and stepped off the cliff.

There was no net, there were no guarantees.

It didn’t seem responsible based on my circumstances, but I knew one thing for sure: I was made to help others succeed in business.

I had a very strong marketing, branding, and strategy background, and I had to share it to help others succeed in theirs.

I realized that most businesses fail or stay stagnant because their brands are lacking clarity. This leads to confusion in the marketplace,

I also realized that the lack of brand clarity was much more than a messaging exercise. I kept seeing over and over again, it was because they were going after the wrong markets, they were not using effective marketing strategies, or worst of all, their product(s) didn't have market fit.

I realized that with my (re)branding and marketing experience, combined with working with the right entrepreneurs and companies, I could make a very big difference...and so I took the leap and have never looked back.


Nuts + Bolts: The Seema Secret Sauce

(a sneak peek into my toolbox)

Working with me will be like having an extension of your executive team to provide you with brand and business expansion insights and strategies. I lead CEOs, entrepreneurs and their team's through a brand-led business transformation exercise to maximize their awareness, sales, and ROI. This proven exercise helps companies scale by aligning their brand to their evolved vision, reconciling their business model and product offerings with their target client, and build “earned” authority in their industry, and more.

brand/marketing/business development maven, mother of two crazy lil' girls & a CHIHUAHUA, wifey, self-development junkie, new experience seeker, health nut, vegetarian and proud, glass is always full type of gal. Inspired by life; driven by purpose.



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