Praise - Seema Alexander Praise - Seema Alexander







“Working with Seema is fantastic. Her business & brand strategy methodology gets to the heart of who you are, what your core message should be, and the values you can bring to your target audience in a easy to execute system. I highly recommend her work, especially to my entrepreneurially-minded kindred spirits.”

Bjorn Simundson
Moonshot Works

“Seema is one heck of a smart–and thoughtful–cookie. She has helped me to prioritize my solopreneur world (which can often be insane and pull me more directions than I count), to improve my focus, my ability to deliver and importantly, to make money. She helped me define my deliverables, what I should be working towards, and even how to better look at and cultivate my audience. And she assisted me in focusing on which opportunities were worth pursuing and the most efficient/effective ways to go about doing so. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get your business off the ground; to improve your efficiency, to better market yourself/your skills/your business to your desired audience; or to take your business to the next level of reach and profitability, connect with Seema. I recently sent a friend to Seema. This friend has a lot of credibility in her space and an established brand. Unfortunately, her brand has been struggling. Fast forward a month or so and I got a message in my inbox from this friend thanking me (in a very exclamatory way) for connecting her with Seema. I was not in the least surprised to hear how happy this friend was. Seema is a rockstar. “

Daina Falk
Founder & CEO

Hungry Fan®



“Seema is a Dynamic and Inspirational professional who has a unique talent to see the potential, create the roadmap and execute through every stage of the journey! For me as a perpetual Entrepreneur, I found her insight to be meaningful and in endless supply! It’s with great pleasure I share my experience and recommend Seema for all that she contributes.”

Lisa Rosenthal
Founder & CEO
Well Beyond 55 & QR Care Card



“When you work with Seema, you’re not just hiring a run-of-the-mill, business strategist; you’re hiring an experienced professional who also doubles as a drill sergeant, cheerleader, and psychotherapist. She is the total package, and would be a mistake on your part to pass up an opportunity to have such an awesome person be part of your team.”

John Demato
Branded Lifestyle Photographer
for Thought Leaders


“From that first day of coaching, we laid out a comprehensive plan for my business and my life and really honed in on what I wanted for both. Every week following, we have made leaps and bounds towards those goals, executing the plan, and making sure my foundation is in place to scale my business. After each week’s phone call with Seema, I feel empowered, re-focused, and determined to reach my goals. Her charisma, enthusiasm, and strategic thinking have been crucial to the growth of my business and I don’t think I could have done it without her.”

CEO & Founder at
Greene Digital Marketing


“I had always heard that you should hire a coach, someone to help you put the pieces together. This being said I was scared. I know it’s an investment to make, but what if I invested in the wrong person? Lots of people offered free consults and I took them up on it. But nobody jumped out, until I spoke with Seema. I didn’t know what it was but by the end of that call, I knew she was the one. With her help I was able to recognize where I could improve and where I needed to be. Clarity is everything and without Seema I would have continued to be lost and all over the place. She helped me to transition over to thinking like a business owner. Not knowing what to expect but expectations were met and even more. Seema provided the vision that matched the vision I didn’t even know I had. I am truly grateful for our paths crossing and can’t wait to see what else the future brings.”

Tisha Green
A Hopeful Home


“Seema is passionate about business and passionate about your entrepreneurial story. It’s in her blood–and some of the knowledge and ideas she shares are not ones she simply knows intuitively, but through walking the walk. She has experience in the entrepreneurial space, but also years in the corporate arena. So, she understands the reality of both avenues of business. She is a truly gifted coach who will tell you like it is. You will do the math with her and enjoy the journey! She will find a way to get you where you want to go–she helps you dream big, really big. And, by the way, even if you don’t know where you want to go–she’ll get you there too–right beside you.”

Gwen Gardner
Founder & Designer

Simply Chickie Clothing


“Seema is one of my most favorite people in the world to be around, work with and be inspired by. She makes work life integration look seamless while also being a mamapreneur with two beautiful children and a loving husband. As a business strategist, Seema has not only supported me to see my strengths and weaknesses in my own business pursuits and dreams, but she has been right next to me developing a solid plan that has highlighted my potential to translate into real time. She is the fire-starter to anyone who truly wants to succeed in his or her business and live a brand of authenticity in that process!”

Angela Alfieri
Inhale I Exhale


“From the very beginning, Seema’s central strategy has been to ask deep, openended questions about the past, present and future of my company, which allowed me to truly see its potential. Working with Seema has given me a fresh look at the way my business operates and her unique insight helped me enhance our customer experiences while dramatically increasing our potential for growth, customer retention, and profit. Above all, her passion always comes through, especially when you present her with a problem, she is able to buckle down and use her resources to help solve it.”

Sayjal Patidar
Owner & Wedding Consultant
Shaadi Bazaar


“Seema as a coach is like having a foot in your back pocket and let’s face it, everyone needs a kick in the ass at some point or in some area! She rescued me…in short. The infusion of Seema juice came at a time in my business where I was “all in” but had no true support. I was frustrated but still 100% committed to my business. Trusting that It would all happen. I had a strategy to do “all that I knew to do” each and every day. Seema came along and literally helped me cast a clear vision, identify gaps, introduce key relationships, create clear strategies to get there, THEN pushed my ass to achieve them. All the while understanding the demands of being a wife, and a loving mom! AMAZING!!! If you are even wondering if you need a coach, you do – and I would recommend none other than Seema. You WILL be amazed!”

Sarah Fredrick