First Stop: Your Business Research

My Brain Dump List of Early Business Considerations When You Are Starting a Service or Product-based company.

I bucketed it by my three key success pillars: credibility, productivity and profitability.

For Credibility

If people don’t know what you know, your business is starting and finishing in your head. How are you getting clear on your business and getting your word / product out?

Areas to consider early on to build credibility in your business

  • Incorporating Your Business
  • Determining Your Why, Vision, Mission of Your Company
  • Partner Involved? Get a Legally Binding Partnership Agreement From the Beginning
  • TradeMark / Patents Your Products (if needed and time appropriate)
  • Develop Branding Identity Basics: Logo, Website (Wordpress in my pick), Business Cards, Brand Personality, etc.
  • Get Clear on Your Ideal Client (this drives everything)
  • Be Authentically You In Your Brand (not as easy as it may seem)
  • Validate that Your Product / Service is Needed in Your Market (Research directly from Your Ideal Client)
  • Developing Your Message Amplification Plan - Spreading Your Brand / Business Out There
  • Develop Content Strategy Including Social Media Strategy
  • Identify Your Networking Strategy

For Productivity

Progress comes on what you are focused on (period)! How are you staying the course, on track and keeping momentum to build day after day, night after night when you are the only one accountable to you (until you grow of course)!

Areas to consider early on to build productivity in your business:

  • Get a Strategic Advisory Board / Circle of Genius #LearnfromOthers
  • Be Part of a Mastermind (Google it if you have never heard of this term)
  • Become a Lifetime Learner: Get a Mentors / Business Coaches / Read Books About Your Industry
  • Leverage Google EVERYTHING (Love me some DRIVE) to stay organized on on top of your game
  • Decide on the Best Accountability Strategies for You (Biggest Issue with Entrepreneurship)
  • Hire a Personal / Virtual Assistant and Others Outside of Your Zone of Genius (once you understand your roadmap)
  • Develop Automation Strategies (efficiency is key)

For Profitability

When you are focused in purpose first and then profit, there are truly unlimited potential for what you do. If your business is driven on just making money, you may achieve your profit goals, but will never be abundant (period).

Areas to consider early on to build profitability in your business:

  • Determine Income Goals and Work Backward
  • Develop Pricing Strategies / Profit Model
  • Determine Funding Needs / Strategies: Seed Capital, Venture Capitalists, Angels, CrowdFunding
  • Develop a Successful Product Launch Planning Calendar
  • Develop an Overall Phased Marketing Strategy
  • Determine all Distribution Channels depending on Your Target Markets

There are SO many additional considerations if you are focused on a Product Business or a Service-Based Business from product launches strategies to product manufacturing and development, which I would LOVE to talk through with you when we have our discovery call together. #Let’sDoThisTogetherTo Schedule a Call, Click on the Button Below.

Second Stop: Recommended Books / Audio Books

(I love listening to books via Audibles on my commutes EVERYwhere or even at the GYM)

Some Good Business / Lifestyle Podcasts to Follow

Third Stop: A Little Real-time Inspiration from Me to You!

All entrepreneurs need a little momentum to help re-juice here and there. Here are my inspirational tips to help you stay on course and create the life and business that you want and love!

I know, a REALLY long list, but at least I did all the hard work for you!

Too long, too daunting, not a DIY-er? As we start working together, we will discuss and identify all the key players / tools you will need to make your venture successful from the start or help the one you have to grow exponentially.