Are you ready to expand and scale your business, but not sure what strategy to implement?

Is your brand lacking alignment and real differentiation in the marketplace?

Are you in need of a pivot but getting stuck on direction?

Is your business staying stagnant and not evolving as the market is progressing?

Are you looking for an executive partner to be your sounding board and provide unbiased strategic advice and help you cultivate your next steps?

If any of these questions resonate, please know that you are not alone.

Every entrepreneur / CEO has these same pain points at one time or the other as they start to focus on growth and scale of their business.

And how do I know?

As a business strategist and brand builder, I have worked with 100s of entrepreneurs, small to mid-size businesses, and at a Fortune 100 company for over 14 years, I have encountered every pain point possible that limits business owners to expand their business and have worked with them to overcome them.

Through my vast experience and extensive research on growing businesses with CEOs and entrepreneurs, I have created a proven proprietary framework to help scale and expand, impact and profit-driven businesses called Stand, (Re)Brand & EXPANDTM. To learn more about this framework and consulting services, keep scrolling.

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Stand, (Re)Brand & EXPANDTM Growth Framework

Regardless if you are a service or product-based company,this proven method will help you get clear on your path to scale and differentiate your brand so that you can make more impact and profit.

Through the Stand, Brand & EXPANDTM growth framework, I work collaboratively with CEOs, entrepreneurs and their teams on all aspects of building a business—from formulating strategy and developing or enhancing business models, to crafting value propositions to brand development to overall rebranding, evaluating product/service lines and optimizing pricing and distribution, to digitally transforming the business and more.

The framework leverages 9 key strategies to help you scale your business:



1. Business Audit / Assessment to understand where you are today and where you want to go and assess the gaps and opportunities in your business model.



2. Knowing your Stand to feel aligned with your vision, hustle, and business model.

3. Cultivating your Brand to be known an authority in your space.



4. Pivoting through Experience to get your clear on who you want to serve.

5. Identifying your X-factor to help you stand out.

6. Aligning your Product offerings to your ideal client.

7. Automating your marketing, operations and sales systems.

8. Identifying and optimizing your Network and your Team to the best of their capabilities, and

9. Identifying your future Direction to grow and scale.

If you want to launch, expand or rebrand your business, please click below to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

Our Coaching / Consulting services offerings include:

  • Business Assessment / Audit
  • Strategy Engagements to Discuss Company Vision, Brand and Business Model Roadmap and Development / Audit
  • Custom Strategic Business Growth Consulting/Coaching Package / Audit
  • Agency Services: Strategy Consulting and Marketing Implementation Engagements / Audit
  • Team Strategy Workshops / Facilitation on Brand Development and Business Growth / Audit
  • Business Building Retreats
  • Speaking Engagements / Keynotes

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  • Business Assessment / Audit
  • Brand Development
  • Business Launch Strategies / Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Rebranding
  • CEO Branding
  • Expert Brand Development
  • Business Model Development
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Strategy and Planning Meetings
  • Digital Recommendations to Expand Brand and Growth
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies Development
  • Speaking

  • Industries we have Supported:
    Health and Wellness, Financial Services, FinTechm Digital and Brand Agencies, Medical Devices / Technology, Health Care, Product Development & Design, Information Technology, Consulting / Coaching, Mobile, Fashion & Beauty, Medical Marijuana, to many more.

    If you want to launch, expand or rebrand your business, please click below to schedule a complimentary discovery call.