As I got clear on my path after Corporate and years
at my Side Hustle, I knew I wanted to do 2 things

1) Not be attached to ONLY one brand for the rest of my life

2) Empower entrepreneurs to thrive in their business and life
by sharing my gifts of strategy and roadmapping with them.

That means I am a serial entrepreneur working what I call a “project based life.”
I have my own business strategy coaching practice and partner with
start-ups / companies that I truly believe in.

Here are a some of the ways I have partnered
with a few magical start ups

Start-Up 1
Morleaf (A Global Moringa Superfood Company)
(soon to be launched).

MorLeaf is a global health and nutrition company that grows and harvests Moringa Oleifera on our own organic farm in West Africa (Cooper Farm--belonging to our CEO, Sarah Frederick's family). If you have heard of Moringa Oleifera, it has been used for centuries to help in the quest against poverty and malnutrition due to its preventative, restorative, and medicinal qualities. I personally call it “Mother Nature’s Superfood Multivitamin”. Daily consumption of Moringa Oleifera is a powerful aid in general health, healthy skin & hair, increased energy, mental clarity, detoxification, weight maintenance, and so much more. It has been known to help with over 300 ailments and diseases including: prevention of type 2 diabetes, lowering blood cholesterol and overall malnutrition.

The company has three planned product lines: supplements, consumables, and anti-aging cosmetics. With the scrutiny over many supplements ingredients these days, we are also using our exclusive “FarmToBottle” methodology to be as transparent as possible through our harvesting and bottling process to showcase the integrity of our certified organic products. We’re also are honored to give back a portion of our profit to medical health programs, education for children, training and micro-financing for local business owners in Liberia.

We are currently in the seed funding phase. If you would like to support our launch through the crowdfunding campaign, you can learn more at (soon to be launched).

Start-Up 2 (A Healthly Lifestyle and Supplement Company) (previously known as

Adam is a good friend and informal coaching client for many years----aka: one of my initial side hustle projects. He is the founder of the FYCmethod---a healthy lifestyle technique that focuses on three core elements to Find Your Center: Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well. He also created a high-quality line of supplements and powders for everyday health, cleansing and endurance during training.

I left corporate to work with him on enhancing his overall brand and creating new distribution channels for his FYCNYC supplement and powder line.

Adam gave me my first taste of full-time entrepreneurship, and for that and so much more, I will forever be grateful.

If you are looking for all things healthy lifestyle, do sign up for his amazing health coaching conversations at