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7 Steps to Making Your Side

Hustle Your Real Hustle!

So, you want to be an entrepreneur ?

You have worked the corporate grind for a long time. You have learned a lot, accomplished a ton, and for a long time thought you wanted to continue to climb that ladder to the very top or vie for that C-suite status.

Then, one day, something inside you shifted and you realized, you couldn’t do it anymore!

  • Maybe it was the constant politics and bureaucracy that kept impacting your progress.
  • Maybe it was the baby on its way (or second in my case) and wanting more work life integration.
  • Maybe you realized that you were putting on a face for 8-12 hours a day (not living your authentic life or convictions. (yawn, that’s exhausting)).
  • Maybe it was as simple as what used to fulfill you, didn’t any longer.
  • Or maybe it was all of the above.

Where does that leave you?

Feeling trapped in your career because you need the money.

No Bueno.

AND noticing that it’s starting to affect other areas of your life: relationships, family, personal health.

Double No Bueno with a heaping spoon of Hell No on top.

The way I see it, you have 3 Choices

  • Stay the course and suck it up. (you are too scared to make moves and are very comfortable where you are, actually).
  • Look for another job in another corporation---with a potential raise and more responsibility. (same poop, different bucket).
  • Start your own purpose-driven business and make an imprint on this world!

If you choose number 3,
then LET’S TALK.

It's time for your get ready for the ride of your life! Moving from corporate warrior to entrepreneur sounds like the most exciting thing in the world (and when you get the hang of it, it is)--but it’s a HUGE transition, and not one to take lightly.

Here’s what I want you to kiss goodbye:

Steady paycheck, bonuses, department recognition, working for “the man”, and a somewhat steady schedule….

Here’s what I want you to embrace with open arms: Making a real difference in the world, Creating a Legacy, Manifesting Your Dreams and You Owning All. Of. It.

However, let me keep it real-- all that momentum comes with real implications (Remember I’m like your Fairy Chop-buster, I don’t sugar-coat it like some others do and you WILL thank me later)

Adios to all of these perks

  • No more support of your department to help you in your efforts.
  • No more corporate budgets--funding from now on is from your bank account (savings account), VCs, Angels, crowdfunding, loans, etc.
  • No more free supplies or printers (sounds funny, but things add up, for real).
  • No more steady paychecks or structured performance based bonuses (this is huge).
  • No more instant “company” network to talk through your idea and build advocates.
  • No more blackberrys, IBMS, and DELLs--Hello Apple integration (yes, I am serious).

Hello to all of these perks

  • Having total control of your days, nights and future (scary but thrilling)
  • Experiencing Life/Work integratio n. You get to control the integration (and there’s an art to that I can show you too!)
  • Building an empire from scratch, and feeling the pride of ownership beaming from within you daily
  • Living a life FULFILLED. Authentic experiences. Real Changes. Never again being another cog in the wheel.

Now how do you get to a place where you feel AMAZING about this transition?

It’s simple, it’s called SEEMA. Your BUSINESS SUCCESS COACH to help you DREAM IT (larger), PLAN IT (thoroughly), and DO IT BIG OR GO HOME ( I would have it no other way).

What you get from me is tangible and evergreen, it’s not some hooplah that’s forgotten after one session. Think of me as the Special Ops of your transition out of corporate, making you prepared for all inevitabilities, including INSANE levels of SUCCESS

A Seema Sample Session

I am going to give you insights, strategies and guidance to see if your idea can withstand the tests of viability, time, market and logistics.

I am going to work with you to create the best plan of attack to leave corporate, ensuring your transition is seamless and perfectly timed.

We are going to create the best strategy to work on your initial side hustle so you don’t let on your impending departure, while you are building your business.

We are going to create based on my 3 tiers of success: credibility, productivity and profitability within your business.

We will deal with the personal credibility gaps, the two business card dilemma (aka: career identity crisis) and the fear of the unknown.


Lastly, if I don’t have the answers (hey, even Warren Buffett gets stumped occasionally), I DO have an amazing network of entrepreneurs to help advise, collaborate or partner with along your journey.

CAUTION : This here application is NOT for half-steppers. Please only contact me if you are SERIOUS about your next steps, are willing to invest time and money into your next phase, and know that having a coach is the best thing for you right now--as you make the mental shift to bring your gifts to the world. I only take a few VIP clients per month and do everything in my power to give them all I’ve got.

If you're ready to make the corporate transition and build your dream life and business then click the button below to apply for the coaching program.

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