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Business Strategy Discovery Call

Have a business and need a little momentum to get you going again? Need a second option on a major decision? Got an idea and just want to flush it out? Let’s do a viability check. You can submit your idea (and yes, I will sign an NDA), and we will hash it out for 30 minutes on a call. You will get my advice, insights, and strategic guidance on how to move forward in the most effective and efficient way. We can talk high-level on areas that are important to your business model like: brand, avatar, operations, supply chain, profit strategies, hiring, funding, and more.

Complimentary | 30 mins


Single Dose (I JUST NEED A DAY)

Business & Branding VIP Strategy Day– (virtual / in person)

A. Upleveling Your Personal & Business Brand: (For Seasoned Entrepreneurs)

Have you been working on your business but still feel stuck? Feel like you have put in a lot of work and have plateaued or have not seen the level of success you know the business is meant to have? Have you been hiding behind your brand and need to build your personal credibility? It’s time to strategize your next steps and come up with a step by step roadmap to get your there. There is nothing like having someone else help you think through all the way to grow your business and align it to the life you want to live. We are going to bring your "juice" back and then some! You ready!

B. Blueprinting Your Business (for Early-stage Thought Leaders, Influencers and Disrupters):

Got an awesome business idea, but don’t know how to get started or just need someone to talk it all out with it and help you prioritize and fill in the gaps. Let’s work together for one day and iron it ALL out. We will talk through all of your business needs, your overall plan to get there, and the tools / resources you will need to get this business off the ground. Why take all the time to RESEARCH everything yourself, when you not only have a short cut waiting for you---but someone who is going to help you think through all aspects of your business to get you clear on your plan, prioritizes and all the strategies to get your business to where you want to be--while aligning to the life you want to lead while building it. Let’s get you moving forward with a real PLAN! If you want to have a sounding board of other strategic advisors at this meeting, I can make that happen too. Can't wait to whiteboard with you! It's going to be a pure genius session!

5 Hours I in person / virtual & 1 Hour Follow Up



30 Day Business & Branding Momentum Program



90 Day Platinum PowerHouse Mentorship Package

Option 1: Rise of an Expert – Let’s Keep Building

Been in business for a while? Clear on your purpose, but are not at the level of success that you want to be at or Are you ready to be more visible in your industry? To raise your game from entrepreneur to expert status? Either way, I love working with folks who are passionate, who are driven, ambitious and executionist (people who just get shit done). Together, we are going to take your business and your personal brand to the next level. You ready for this? #TimetoKillIt

Option 2: Are you ready to make your side hustle your real hustle?

Been working the corporate game for a good amount of time? Although you are doing well and can be challenged by the work that you are doing---you no longer feel the energy and momentum you once had to keep climbing up that ladder. Not only that, but you know you are meant to be doing way more in life. You have always had something inside of you telling you that you have to share your skills/ experiences with others.

When you have a secure, well paying corporate job, it is not EASY to just get up and leave unless you have a major security blanket called a good chunk of savings that you can use guilt free in your bank account. To help you get from today to your next phase of your life, you need a plan--not only one that includes your future business strategy, but the best way to work on your side hustle, while working your 9-5. Let’s get this transition in the books. Start looking forward to your resignation day today! #LetsDoThis

Speaking Engagements / Workshop Topics:

  • Think Bigger! 7 Business Growth Strategies that will Get You Clear, Unstuck, and Ready to Conquer the World (Again)!
  • Automate Your Brand: Save Time, Add Value & Make More Money
  • Think Bigger: How 1 Incremental Change Can EXPAND your Business 10x
  • What's Your Cherry on Top? How to Stick Out in a Commoditized Market
  • Your Network is Your Network
  • 7 Entrepreneurs Secrets to Increasing Productivity, Creativity, and Happin
  • 9 Entrepreneurial Secrets that will 5X Your Corporate Game

Please note that the topics can be customized based on theme / topic of the event.

Email if you would like to have Seema speak to your group.